Now that Warren Farm has been reclaimed back by nature, and the bio-diversity is incredibly rich, should we not be considering a “new deal for nature” by putting Nature’s needs first over corporate requirements, so we can protect Warren farm as a site of “High” ecological value in the borough, vital to residents health over the next 200 years and beyond.



Your opinions support our message to the council that we need to be working together to help them explore new ideas and other options, so they may undertake all due diligence to protect the land for future generations, and ensure we/they are meeting our/their moral, social and environmental obligations to Warren farm and residents of Ealing for the next 200 years.

Biodiversity loss is more than an environmental problem, it is a development, economic, social and moral issue.

A Green Infrastructure Task Force was established following the publication of the London Infrastructure Plan 2050, which sets out the infrastructure needs for London over the coming decades. The plan acknowledged that green infrastructure must be considered as an integral part of the city’s vital systems; as essential as the city’s transport, energy, water, waste and digital infrastructure.

The main imperatives to come out of the committees findings and the report were to:-

  • Rethink Purpose
  • Reframe Value
  • Restructure Governance
  • Release Funding

Jullian Bell leader of Ealing council has this to say about the report :-

“London boroughs are currently responsible for managing much of London’s green infrastructure and making the land-use planning decisions that affect its future. This report is timely; it provides a compelling case for the value and importance of green infrastructure and suggests new ways to make decisions about how it is managed and funded.” Cllr Julian Bell, Chair of London Council’s Transport & Environment Committee

We are thrilled to hear Mr Bell commit to the value and importance of Green Infrastructure having been a committee member on the Green Task Force committee.  (you can read the full report the committee produced here ).

With Warren Farm being we believe the 3rd largest site of bio-diversity in the borough, perhaps its time to revisit the plans and protect its true worth to every resident in Ealing and London as a whole.

No comparable replacement for this loss of biodiversity is proposed.

When can we sit down and talk.  Please email to arrange a convenient time to do that.


Biodiversity  is being lost at an unprecedented rate. According to a recent World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report, the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians have fallen by an average of 60 percent in just over 40 years.


Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich and Rodolfo Dirzo

have dubbed this decline an

impending wave of extinctions and a “biological annihilation.”


  “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss

“Globally, and on our doorstep, we need to work together to halt the loss of animals, plants and ecosystems. Our planet’s unique web of life is absolutely critical for our future health and prosperity. Chair of Natural England, Tony Juniper

Natural England  are working with people across society including land managers, ecologists planners and developers who are on the ground protecting and enhancing our rich variety of life. Their work supports the important goods and services our biodiverse ecosystems provides such as food and clean water and carbon storage, but also the provision of education, recreation and heritage, some of which form part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – all needed for good health and well-being.


“As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever. Clarence Darrow




What would you like us to share with Jullian Bell and Sadiq Khan.

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  • Share your feelings and ideas to help protect public open land for future generations.
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  1. 05/05/2019

    This is a total abuse of Ealing’s mandate to ensure that lands are protected and maintained for the 1000’s of people flooding into Ealing, through the Planning applications for massive high rise developments. To give this away for nothing to a Ltd company owned by Billionaires is beyond shameful. To then allow them to destroy nature and subject residents to a land fill program akin to living next to an open cast mine for over a year is beyond contemptuous. But to then allow that Ltd company to keep every penny of the £5million the company will net, for receiving the landfill that will destroy the existing wildlife habitat, with not one penny coming back to the public purse is a crime. The so called urgently needed training ground will not open for 2 years, and no resident will set a foot on the land before then either. Whilst Ealing receives not a penny and claims to need money to meet its budget deficit. Somebody tell me how that makes good business sense and how a few hours of football for the community by way of return represents a good deal for Ealing residents.

    • Janet Pullman

      Ealing favored their coterie of rich connections over protecting the land and access for the people that elected them to serve in their best interests. One day it will all come out, it always does. Absolutely shocking

      • Simon Vaughan

        The people of Ealing will not forget this, the tragedy runs too deep. Everyone is talking about climate change, and what We need is open natural land, open to all not Closed of for “Bentley” driving elite Footballers, that will make money from the land fill, and remortgage the land for 200 years to buoy up their financially beleaguered company.Run by Billionaire Directors who have broken their own fair play rules and fined £40 million for their opportunistic ‘Nifty’ accounting. Virtually bankrupt, QPR no longer represent good care takers of public land, for and on behalf of residents for 200 years, and no one would blame the council from backing away from this car crash. In fact people will blame them if they don’t.

    • Androulla Kyriacou

      I couldn’t agree more.
      I went for a walk there yesterday afternoon, it’s a good place to go to refresh your spirits.

  2. Mark Jackson

    Over 1500 Local residents raised 1000’s of pounds to fight this ill thought out scam. While Ealing council spent 5 times as much from the public purse to make sure they lost, so they could give this gift of 60 acres of land to their friends. The residents are well organised and well placed in conjunction with Brent River Canal Trust to take over the land and maintain it at no cost to the Council. A community consortium that would protect the land for generations to come. This is what our children’s children need, open spaces, clean air and the planting of many trees. What next will Ealing common be given to Coca Cola as their next head quarters? Because of more trumped up “Special Circumstances” to build on public land, to meet their corporate needs. This is an outrage.

  3. Sarah Hobbs

    Things have moved on since this deal was conceived, the world has moved on, climate change has moved on, and nature has moved on and re-claimed the land back as its own. The council are busy, but I am sure if we go to the council and sit down and look at the deal in the light of day now, they are good people they will see that its ok to change their minds, no one would blame them, in fact it would do them no end of good, residents would applaud and respect them for re-visiting an old deal that no longer works, if it ever did. Now The Mayor has committed to protecting and increasing green spaces, let’s start with Warren Farm. Its beautiful up there.

  4. Fiona Booth

    I am devastated that Warren farm is to be used by QPR as their training ground. As a Hanwell resident for over 20 years I have seen development after development with a number of large developments, such as Wicks, still to be built. With all these developments in the offing it is important to maintain our green spaces to help reduce pollution and also to improve our mental wellbeing. Anyone who has visited Warren Farm recently would be amazed by the beautiful wildflowers and the wildlife. This year I have seen skylarks, buzzards, red kites, bats and numerous butterflies. Last year there were thousands of swifts taking advantage of all the insects, and I saw a sparrow hawk and my husband saw a deer. It really is an oasis for wildlife in a world where this is increasingly scarce.
    My concern is not only for the wildlife on Warrens farm and where it will go but the impact on the surrounding area. I would be interested in seeing any impact reports, because If QPR are planning to use artificial pitches then surely there will be more rainwater runoff which will affect Jubilee Meadows and effectively turn them into bogs and make flooding more likely.
    I do agree with Sarah Hobbs and believe that the council and the mayor are reasonable. Times have changed since this was conceived, pubic opinion has embraced environmental issues and protection of green areas. It is not in the people of Ealing’s interest to let this go ahead and changing your mind is a strength of a good leader.
    I for one did not vote for this!

  5. Jo Feldman

    I have heard recently that there are skylarks living on Warren Farm as well as Barn Owls and Kestrals. This is absolutely amazing!!

    With Uxbridge Road, the A40, Heathrow, A4 and M4 all nearby we need green spaces.

    Save Warren Farm from QPR!

  6. Lynn Hall

    It is time for Ealing Council to protect Warren Farm and the environment and not give it away to QPR. The wildlife is important to Hanwell and provides an oasis of calm and space in our ever increasingly contained high rise environment. With Warren Farm and Osterley Park providing a relief from light pollution it is even possible to see stars in this area. Please save our green space.

  7. Rachel Maurice

    Warren farm is a rich haven for our already much threatened wildlife. With insect populations in sharp decline – to fill it with landfill (cemetery waste and excavated soil from contaminated sites,) is appalling – We are in a climate crisis and we urgently need to protect the remaining wildlife we have, not build football pitches on top of it. To practically give this away to a billionaire football club is a crime. I am in despair with Ealing councils decision and I urge them to strongly rethink this.

  8. Sarah `Johnstone

    Handing over Warren Farm for development of plastic football pitches by Ealing Council to QPR is an absolute disgrace on so many levels. Julian Bell and his cronies should be seriously ashamed to have even been considering it. It shows a complete disregard for residents, the environment, our children, and the sustainability of the borough itself. One wonders on what planet this would be seen as a good idea?

  9. Andri

    I’ve just read the comments above, couldn’t agree more.

    Now that London has been declared the world’s first National Park City and Warren Farm has been voted one on London’s best-loved parks, it’s a good time for Ealing Council to review it’s plans for Warren Farm. There are so many ways these 61 acres could truly benefit local communities, London as a whole and wildlife. Many studies show that access to wilder open spaces are good for people of all ages, in terms of mental as well as physical health.

    Let’s face it, things have moved on, LB Ealing can do much better than allow QPR’s priorities to take override the visions of people who love Warren Farm.

  10. Joann Scott

    Then let’s not allow this to happen. Let’s all write to our MP’s. Notably Rupa Huq was instrumental in helping stop the development of Northfields allotments. If she feels so strongly about the importance of preserving green spaces, then she should use her influence to stop the development of Warren Farm. It’s time we all made our voices heard again.

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