We saved Warren Farm

Since May 2019, Hanwell Nature have passionately campaigned for the protection of nature on Warren Farm. Calling on Ealing Council to help us create a nature reserve and a 61 acre biodiversity gain for Londoners. We took the legal action that saved it, now we need to come together to fulfill the full plan .  Read more

Our Mission

We advocate for Nature.

It is our mission to support, protect, and nurture the environment and wildlife on Warren Farm by inspiring users to share the space with Wildlife. We continue to provide evidence based, community led advocacy, for the protection of Nature, and open access for all. Read more

Community involvement

We engage the community.

By creating opportunities for everyone to be involved, we are encouraging a community led response. We hold weekly brainstorming zoom and field meetings for volunteers, and proposed monthly meetings for stakeholder groups that are forming part of ‘The United Friends of Warren Farm’ collaborative. This allows for a robust sharing of ideas,  support and shared decision making. Read more


We created a new vision

In June 2019,  Hanwell Nature published a new vision and plan for Warren Farm. The creation of a bio-diverse Nature Reserve, that would represent a 45% biodiversity gain for the entire borough. A sincere and valiant commitment to protecting nature, and addressing climate change.   Read more

Community led response.

We gather support

We are talking to individuals, groups, environmental specialists, charitable trusts and foundations; politicians from across the political spectrum; MP’s, from local and national government and more.  But most importantly we are listening and involving residents. It’s going to need 360 º support from our Council, our Mayor, and our local communities. We wont give up, we have come to far. Together we can create our vision – ‘To create a nature reserve is to believe in the future’.